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"Fighting in a Studio Apartment"

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"Fighting in Your Childhood Bedroom"

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"Kid Playing Games!"
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"Facebook Live Exercise Instructor"
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"How to Start Your TV Show as Taught by Little Fires Everywhere"

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"Girl Who Started Puberty Before Her Friends"
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"Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting"
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"Musical Theatre Major Tries Musical Roulette!"
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"Helping my Boyfriend at Work #WallStreet"

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"Girl Who Has Seen This One Before"

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"Self-Tape Lighting Tips!"
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"Linda Schmendrick: the Whisper School of Acting"

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"Instructor Who Does Not Want to Demonstrate the Adjusted Workout"

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"Kid Gets Her First Dog!" (a crappy little video)

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"When a Stranger Sneezes: a Dramatic Monologue"

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"Frankie Scamuccio: WGA"
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"Confession, but from the POV of a Horny Jewish Teen"
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"A Werewolf in Quarantine"
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"Hall Passes: a Celebrity PSA feat. Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and Justin Bieber"
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"Eighth Grader Who Thinks She’s a Wise Poet" (featuring actual “witticisms” I wrote in eighth grade, unfortunately)
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"Last Minute SNL Audition"

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"Found Footage of Britney's Home Workout, Pre-Fire"

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"Middle School Teacher Who Secretly Wants a Food Fight"

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"Grocery Store Bouncer"

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"News Anchor Who Had COVID-19"

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"Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Guy Shrinks...Again!"

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"When Someone Asks for a Pic of Your New Boo"

"Playtex Ultimate Protection"
Year of production: 2018
Written By: Rachel Eddy

Running Time: 1:36 min

Selected as a contestant for The Comedy World Network International Film Festival

Year of production: 2016
Written By: Rachel Eddy

Running Time: 2:49 min

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"Jennifer Aniston's Unfertilized Egg"

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